Pacific Western Machine Works Inc.

Considerations before you purchase

When making a decision to purchase, machine construction is an extremely important consideration, regardless of the technology required. A well-built machine is designed to produce a quality print on a consistent basis over a long period of time. To accomplish this, certain features need to be present.

Construction of the mechanism A well-built mechanism will use materials that add structural integrity, reduce vibration and minimize flexing. Also, components should be of a sufficient magnitude to accomplish the task at hand, but further, should be sized larger than necessary to prevent deformation or failure even in the most extreme uses. Bearings, bushings and other components that support rotary or linear motion should be larger than necessary and of an industry standard , or readily available size, not only to maximize their service cycle, but to also be available from a number of sources when service or repair comes due. Simply put, you want to avoid proprietary high wear components. With limited suppliers , you can be held to ransom for the parts, or worse, if the manufacturer goes out of business you may not be able to get service parts for your machine. Generally speaking, multiple suppliers promotes competition and superior pricing while improving availability.

Electronics Has the manufacturer used components from a reputable supplier, and again, are they of an industry standard specification so as to be available from other suppliers?Does the voltage and frequency( Hz or Hertz) match that which is supplied in the country you intend to use the machine in?

Machine functionality and adjustments This could be considered a bit of a contentious issue as many opinions exist insofar as functionality and adjustments is concerned. In the interest of simplicity, we’ll just consider the primary points: Is the machine easy to use? In this context, are there hours , days or weeks of learning involved for the average individual to become proficient in operating the machine? If you have staff operating the equipment, and for whatever reason they change, how long will it take to return to the operating level of efficiency you had prior to the staff change? The skill sets required to operate the machinery also come into consideration when we examine adjustments as well. There are a number of variables that exist in hot stamping, so machines need a number of adjustments available to manage these variables. However, that being said, generally speaking, the more the number of adjustments on a machine, the higher the skill level of the operator required to run the machine, which usually equates to a higher cost per print. It also equates to the greater number of problematic variables that can frustrate operators and owners alike, and a longer learning curve to become adept at using the equipment.

Pacific Western Machine Works equipment is built to last , and to keep working year after year. It is our design philosophy to overbuild for durability, use as many standard components as is practical for servicability, and simplify operation and adjustments as much as possible to accomplish the goal of the machine and ease of useage. However, should you need service, technical assistance or parts, our Service experts will be there to give you the support you need to be back in operation.