Pacific Western Machine Works Inc.

Pacific Western Machine Works specializes in the design and service of commercial quality processing machinery. We are a multi-divisional company with each division dedicated to serving a specific industry.

Founded in the 1980s as a repair facility, the company has continued to grow and evolve to be where it is today. Originally, we repaired machines designed by other companies. We soon discovered it was necessary to redesign and build new components to eliminate some of the worst problems with the designs we encountered. As a result, we began designing machines from the ground up. It works so much better to get it right from the start, rather than to make a bad idea to work later. Pacific Western Machine Works Inc , building it better, one machine at a time.

Machine Images

Our staff includes mechanical designers, electrical and pneumatic designers, machinists, fabricators and machine assemblers. The majority of components for our machines we make in house at our facility . Parts such as bearings, gearing and electronics , we only purchase from established vendors with a reputation for quality and reliability.

Pacific Western Machine Works inc. is a progressive company based in Vancouver , British Columbia, Canada and we welcome enquiries from anywhere in the world.